As part of our aviation services department we are also able to offer an aviation brokerage service, through which we help domestic and foreign companies to plan, start and maintain their aviation activities within the Republic of Croatia. Primarily of an administrative nature, this service includes:

  • collecting, delivering and retrieving documentation from the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA) and other relevant government bodies and organizations
  • coordination with the CAA on issues of documents, requests, approvals and licenses
  • collecting information on administrative procedures and regulations
  • finding contact information for relevant persons in local agencies, organizations and companies
  • and other activities that would normally require (expensive) presence and constant commitment of a company representative

Aircraft brokerage

As well as standard administrative support, we also offer assistance in finding, buying or selling, registering and operating of aircraft within the territory of the Republic of Croatia. This service includes:

  • find aircraft on sale and coordinating with the seller
  • selling your aircraft in Croatia and coordinating with buyers
  • collecting, submitting and retrieving the documentation necessary to register and ensure your aircraft
  • monitoring the status of registration and airworthiness applications
  • and administrative assistance in the operation of the aircraft and coordination with relevant government bodies

In cooperation with our partner, IDEL d.o.o. of Zagreb, we are also able to organize continued maintenance of your aircraft in Croatia, as well as the keeping of all relevant documentation related to its continued operation.