Kombi - usluge

As part of our transport services, we are able to offer an 8+1 passenger van for rent (w/ driver) for both domestic and international trips. As well as classic on-demand transport, the vehicle is also available for:

  • transport to and from sea and air ports in Croatia and abroad, as well as transfers between two or more ports
  • shuttle transport for congresses and fairs
  • transport to seminars and other training or educational events, as well as competitions and presentations
  • and transport to various public events in Croatia and beyond (concerts, exhibitions, sporting events)

As well as for single trips, the vehicle is also available on an hourly or daily rental basis, intended primarily for transport within the same city (driver also included). This service is based on a rental fee that is independent of the actual mileage covered, and includes all expenses except parking fees.

A detailed overview of our vehicle can be found on the following page. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any price inquiries!

“Future Crew” Shuttle

Together with our aviation services department, we are also able to offer transport services tailored to the needs of student pilots – and their instructors – wanting to operate for one or more days out of more distant airports in Croatia and its surroundings. Intended to simplify dislocated training due to poor weather conditions or unsuitable local airports, this service includes the complete organization and execution of transport to the selected airport – as well as daily commuting between the crews’ accommodation and airport in the case of multi-day training.

The service is available to both domestic and foreign training organizations, with the possibility of organizing themed aviation tours across Croatia in the case of the latter. Also, this service includes the option of using the vehicle as a mobile technical and operational base for organizations that do not have their own infrastructure at the selected airport.