About us

O nama

Green Flare Aviation & Transport Services is an integral part of Grain d.o.o., a family-owned company operating since 2006. With its headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia, the Grain Group also includes the Pilates studio Grain, as well as independent brokerage, sales, import/export and consulting services. Our employees and managers can together call on a cumulative 40 years of experience in freight forwarding and logistics, as well as nearly 30 years in several branches of air transport and aviation in general.

Company information

  • Full name: Grain d.o.o. za trgovinu i usluge (Grain LLC for commerce and services)
  • Headquarters: Siget 18b/8, 10020 Zagreb, Croatia
  • General manager: Boran Pivčić, authorized to represent the company individually
  • VIES: HR55489104513
  • OIB*: 554891094513
  • MB*: 1832727
  • MBS*: 080490957
  • Bank accounts: HR092360001102310439 (Zagrebačka banka, SWIFT ZABAHR2X) and HR2724840081102367324 (Raiffiesen banka, SWIFT RZBHHR2X)
  • Competent court: Commercial Court in Zagreb (web site)
  • Base capital: HRK 20,000, paid in full

* information used only by Croatian courts, tax authorities and banks

About the general manager

My name is Boran Pivčić and I was born here in Zagreb in 1985. I am a commercial aeroplane pilot by trade (CPL(A)), and I also hold M.Eng. of Air Traffic and Bacc.Eng. of Aeronautics (Air Traffic Control) university degrees. I have been in aviation ever since my early childhood and had gotten by first pilot license – a PPL(A) – at the age of 17.


Alongside the day-to-day operations of Green Flare, I am also active in sport and commercial flying, and – for quite a number of years now – aviation photography and journalism. The latter two combine in my role as photojournalist for the Croatian magazine Aeronautika, as well as editor of my own aviation portal, Achtung, Skyhawk!. In addition, I also manage my own online photo portfolio, Mach .2 Photography.